What Brings Us Success?

We Show Stakeholders Their Role

We ensure that every individual is aware about his or her basic duties towards the environment and guide accordingly.

To Achieve Our Objective We Start With

The importance of practical demonstrations cannot be denied. We demonstrate how to segregate waste by going door-to-door and monitoring the waste segregation levels.
Innovative awareness drives are conducted along with school children through the area of work. This helps generate a spirit on enthusiasm. The audience and participants both get actively engaged in such drives.
It is difficult to address the whole town/or village in one go. We conduct several focus group demonstrations and Q&A sessions where queries are answered and the perceived problem of home waste segregation are resolved. Such group activities are conducted with housing society members, self-help groups, temple meetings, and school children.
If any intervention is to be successful we have realised that monitoring is the key. We are able to achieve better segregation levels as the waste is actually weighed in front of the owner, and a record of the same is maintained. This is later added to our monitoring tool by which daily reports are given to the ULB. This transparency is also a must if our goal is total segregation at source.
As an innovation in understanding better segregation, Greeny the Great has developed a Mobile Game where with progressive levels the segregation becomes finer. A simple drag and drop game becomes competitive and is suitable for all age groups. We also conduct Gamethons where winners are rewarded for highest scores.

This gamification for learning is a very important tool, as it also enables us to measure the level of awareness for any group.

We Also Offer Consultancy

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